Salesforce Training Preparation

What do I do to prepare for the Salesforce Certification Training?

Step 1: Check out the details about Salesforce certification at Please go through Admin and Developer exam guides, and download a copy.

Step 2: Sign-up for free account from Click on Sign Up. You many have an existing developer account, we still recommend you to sign up for a new one for this training.

Step 3: Practice following Salesforce Trailhead. Trailhead is a free Salesforce online learning tool which provide step by step navigation instructions. You must complete the following trails before you come to first day of class.
Admin Trails (Required for Administrator &  Platform Developer I)
  1. Admin Beginner  click here
  2. Admin Intermediate click here
Developer Trails (Required Platform Developer I)
Step 4: Checkout the Books by Salesforce we will use in the class:
Step 5 (Optional):  You may check out the blog