About Me

My name is Ajomon Joseph. Let me take a minute to introduce myself.

I started my IT career as a programmer in 1995, and I was working mostly in Microsoft platform. In 2010 I decided to learn Salesfroce technology when my employer chose to go with a cloud platform to do business globally. Thus started learning Salesforce and coding in APEX, Salesforce’s programming language.

My goal is to help those who are new to Salesforce to become successful Salesforce Administrators, and Administrators to become great APEX coders.

I live in Dallas, TX and I’m active in the Salesforce Community. I currently hold eight Salesforce Certifications, and I write a Salesfroce Blog. I’ve a bachelors in Electronics and Communication, and masters in Computer Science. Please feel free to reach out to me.

Ajomon Joseph

Ajomon Joseph

Senior Salesforce Architect, Advocate

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